Find preparation, confidence, support, and peace in any situation. Virtual doula care can follow you anywhere your pregnancy, birth, or postpartum experience leads. There may be times when in-person support isn’t possible, or when a different kind of connection fits you best. Consultations, lactation support, prenatal classes, and virtual birth doula services are available to you. As of Fall 2021, both Missoula-area hospitals have continued to welcome doulas as an integral part of your care team.

virtual birth doula care

Even when we are physically distant, I am fully committed to you, your chosen birth partner, and to nurturing your confidence in this uncertain time. Virtual support is personalized to your needs, but includes:

  • complimentary phone/video consultation
  • monthly meetings through 33 weeks of pregnancy, weekly thereafter
  • 24/7 on call for you from 3 weeks before to 2 weeks after your estimated due date
  • video/voice/messaging continuous support to maintain a coping mindset, and promote calm, ease, and conscious decision-making throughout your labor and birth
  • check-in within the first 72 hrs of your birth
  • weekly virtual visits during the first 6 postpartum weeks
  • identifying your birth needs, values, and options
  • practicing comfort measures, movement and positioning for ease in birth
  • support creating a calming space around you and your birth partner
  • education and access to birth + postpartum preparation classes
  • lactation and infant feeding support
  • planning and support for a healthy postpartum
  • unlimited email/messaging support throughout

Virtual doula care package $850

All families deserve doula care. I am happy to work with families on a sliding scale, payment plans, barter/trade, and more. If you’d like to explore what that can look like for your family, please be in touch.

custom virtual services

Looking for virtual support tailored to fit your needs? Mini birth support packages, prenatal coaching and classes, birth and postpartum planning sessions, and lactation support are all available.