As of January 2023, Missoula-area hospitals and the birth center continue to welcome doulas as integral members of your care team providing in-person support.

I am fully committed to in-person support for all families. And there may be times when connecting by voice, video, or messaging is the best fit for your life, location, or needs. In early 2020, I was fortunate to be on a video call that radically shifted my perspective and opened up a way of being deeply present to families even when we are physically distant. During the lockdown, this was an urgent need. As I’ve returned to in-person support in the time since, virtual services are still available when that’s the best way to connect. Virtual services can include community and private birth preparation, labor consultation, lactation and feeding support, and postpartum presence. If virtual care speaks to you or your unique situation, please be in touch. We can explore your needs and create a plan of care together.