Whether we meet before conception, preparing for birth, or after a new baby joins your family, I believe in continuous care, centered on you, that honors the meaning of that time as you experience it. I affirm your family configuration, your life experiences, and your parenting style.


As your doula, I get to know you. In preparing for your birth, we make space for your treasured hopes and deepest anxieties. We talk about finding and holding your power, advocating for your needs, and working together as a team. We might include formal birthing classes in our work, or spend time talking about how what you’ve learned applies uniquely to you. I provide honest, evidence-based information to guide your decision making. Your care extends into the postpartum weeks, with continued support and check-ins. Birth doula care always includes

  • At least three prenatal meetings to talk about your birth needs and intentions, practice comfort measures and positioning to support ease in birth, invite calm and help you and your chosen partner maintain a coping mindset, and create a plan to support your wellbeing during your early life with a newborn
  • Continuous support during your labor and birth, and 1-2 hours after your baby is born
  • A check in within 72 hours of your birth and up to 3 hours of in-home care in the first eight weeks postpartum
  • Lactation and feeding support
  • 24/7 on call for your birth between 37-42 weeks gestation, and phone/messaging support from the time we begin working together through eight weeks postpartum.

Families may choose to add additional services to their care package, such as childbirth classes, more hours of in-home postpartum care, celebration of your transition as parents, or consultations during later infancy or toddlerhood around returning to work, starting solids, weaning, or family integration.

I believe in accessible services and can work with families on sliding scale, payment plans, or barter/trade as needed. I can also accept payment from HSA/FSA plans with carrier approval.


Postpartum is the life you step into after a birth, or after a new baby (or babies) joins your family. As a doula, I honor this time of change and growth. The details of postpartum care can look different for every family. Care is always centered on your needs and wellbeing. Families often need the most hands-on support in the first 6-12 weeks postpartum. I also support and celebrate important transitions beyond the newborn months including return to work, starting solids, weaning, and other milestones. All postpartum care includes consultation to explore your needs and establish our priorities for care. Ways of caring for postpartum families can include

  • Prenatal classes around postpartum recovery & growth, life with your newborn, preparing for making milk and feeding your baby.
  • Identifying your needs and hopes, calling in your postpartum supporters, and developing a care plan.
  • A listening ear and honest, evidence-based information to help understand what’s normal for parents and babies; regular check-ins to support your wellbeing and your physical and emotional recovery from birth.
  • Practical care to ease the burden and support rest, bonding, and healing – help with newborn feeding and care, lactation support, sibling support, errands and household tasks, snack and meal preparation.
  • Nighttime care that supports family sleep.
  • Herbal soaks and developing ceremony meaningful to you to mark important milestones.

Postpartum care – $35-$40/hour. We can create a custom care package or combine birth support with additional postpartum services.


Making milk to feed babies is where biology and culture come together. It’s natural, but generational knowledge and support are essential. And natural doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Parent-centered lactation support starts with your needs and desires, combined with skilled, evidence-based care, compassion, nonjudgement, and encouragement. Together, we create a plan to help you manage challenges and meet your personal feeding goals. Common concerns include (but aren’t limited to) – understanding what’s normal for a newborn, breast or nipple pain, concerns about low milk supply, managing oversupply, baby fussiness during or between feedings, feeding multiples, expressing milk, returning to work, weaning. A stand-alone lactation consultation (in-person or virtual) includes

  • A visit where we discuss your experiences and questions, and assess baby feeding (in any way that baby is being fed – whether at the breast/chest, bottle/syringe/cup, supplemental nursing system, with human milk, formula, or combination),
  • Developing a plan tailored to your needs, and follow-up with phone/messaging/email support.

Stand-alone lactation consultation – $85

Birth and postpartum support always includes lactation care if desired.