Doula & breastfeeding services, packages, and pricing

Birth doula package – $400

  • A complimentary meeting to get to know each other and discuss how I can best support you;
  • At least two prenatal visits to explore your needs and desires for labor and birth, your birth plan, and questions or concerns you or your partner may have;
  • Phone and email support during your pregnancy when you need information or have questions;
  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to you and your partner during your labor and birth – from the time you choose to call until your baby is born, and 1-2 hours immediately postpartum until you are comfortable and ready for quiet family time, with help initiating breastfeeding if you desire;
  • At least one postpartum visit to celebrate your baby and answer any questions about your recovery, infant feeding, newborn care, or parenting during the early postpartum period, plus phone and email support during this time.

I support the philosophy of providing a doula for every family that desires one. If cost is a barrier to you, please ask about payment plans and the availability of reduced-fee services.

Birth doula + postpartum support package – $540

  • Includes 8 hours of postpartum doula support during the first 3 months postpartum (arranged in hourly increments of your choice), in addition to birth doula services.

Birth doula + breastfeeding support package – $500

  • Includes one year of certified lactation counselor support (home visits, phone, and email) in addition to birth doula services.

Birth doula + professional birth photography

  • I am excited to be able to offer collaborative packages with a wonderful and talented local photographer. If you are interested in images that capture the beauty and emotion of your baby’s birth, please ask about pricing when you combine our services.

Postpartum doula services – $20/hour

Your experiences and your needs when a new baby enters your family will be different from those of friends, family members, or co-workers. You decide how a postpartum doula can best support your emotional and physical recovery from pregnancy and birth, and best assist your family in adjusting during this new and special time. Postpartum services include

  • An initial, complimentary, consultation to discuss how I can best help you during the “fourth trimester” (first 3 months after arrival of a new baby – length of time is adjusted for multiples, preemies, and unique circumstances).
  • Emotional and physical support for the birthing woman’s recovery (including recovery from surgical birth).
  • Emotional support for the partner and assistance with new siblings’ adjustment.
  • Evidence-based information and support for infant feeding, newborn care, and coping skills for new parents.
  • Assistance with newborn care, light housekeeping and meal preparation.’
  • Phone and email support for questions or concerns that arise.

Breastfeeding support – $70 home consultation

Breastfeeding is natural,  but it is also learned – by both mother and baby. Every mother, every baby, and every breastfeeding relationship is different. I provide nonjudgemental support, encouragement, and empathy along with the education and evidence-based information which can help you manage difficulties and devise a plan that fits your needs and helps you meet your individual breastfeeding goals. As a nursing (and working) mom of twins, I know the impact that good information and caring support can have on the well-being of both mom and baby. A stand-alone lactation consultation includes:

  • A home visit to discuss questions and concerns and to assess a feeding. Common concerns include: baby not latching well, breast or nipple pain during or between nursings, concerns about low milk supply, managing oversupply, baby fussing at the breast, poor weight gain, nursing after a NICU stay, nursing multiples, or returning to work and breastfeeding.
  • Developing a plan tailored to fit your needs, and follow-up with phone and email support.