Your needs during pregnancy and birth are unique – but here is a little list of services always included in my birth doula care –

  • An initial (complimentary) meeting to get to know each other and chat about your needs and desires in birth.
  • Education about what to expect in labor and birth, perspective on the range of ‘normal’ experiences, exploration of coping and pain management techniques, discussion about your values and intentions and your options in birth, guidance to help you and your partner feel confident working together, and support in planning for your first few weeks with a new baby and life as a newly-born parent. At a minimum, we meet twice before your birth, but 2-4, or more, meetings is typical, and your needs and desires determine when and how often we meet.
  • Phone and email support during your pregnancy any time you have questions, and on call for you 24 hours a day starting two weeks before your anticipated due date.
  • Continuous and loving physical, emotional, and informational support to you and your partner during your entire labor and birth – from the time you choose to call until your baby is born, and 1-2 hours immediately postpartum until you are comfortable and ready for quiet family time, with help getting started with breastfeeding if you desire.
  • At least one postpartum visit to celebrate your baby, process your birth story, and answer questions about your recovery, your wellbeing, infant feeding, newborn care, or parenting during the early postpartum period, plus phone and email support during this time.

Birth doula care – $500

All families and all births deserve doula care, and I work to provide reduced-fee services when possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are concerned that cost will be a barrier.


Rest. Recovery. Time to bond. All families deserve to be fully supported as they grow in the weeks and months after a new baby arrives. You decide how I can best support your needs, and assist your family in adjusting during a tender, special, and often vulnerable time. Postpartum care always includes –

  • An initial, complimentary, consultation to discuss your needs and desires for support during the first three months – the length of time can be adjusted for multiples, early arrivals, and other unique circumstances.
  • Emotional and physical support for recovery from pregnancy and birth (including cesarean recovery).
  • Emotional support for your family, including your partner and new siblings.
  • Support to nurture your confidence as a new or growing parent, by providing information, connecting you with resources, and helping you access your own coping skills.
  • Time to rest, recover, and bond, by providing a gentle pair of hands where you need it most – preparing nourishing meals and snacks, light housekeeping or household tasks, assisting with newborn care and infant feeding.
  • Phone/text or email support any time you have questions or concerns.

Postpartum care  – $20/hour. 

Combine birth doula and 8 hours of postpartum support for a complete package of care – $640


Breastfeeding is natural, but it’s a journey with a steep learning curve for parent and baby. Every breastfeeding relationship is different, and your individual goals for feeding your baby are yours alone. Real breastfeeding support combines skilled, evidence-based care with compassion, nonjudgement, and encouragement. In-home support that fits your needs and circumstances can help you manage difficulties and devise a plan to help you meet your own personal breastfeeding goals. A stand-alone lactation consultation includes:

  • A home visit where we discuss your questions and concerns and assess baby feeding. Common concerns include: baby not latching well, breast or nipple pain during or between nursings, concerns about low milk supply, managing oversupply, baby fussing at the breast, poor weight gain, feeding after a NICU stay, feeding multiples, or returning to work and breastfeeding.
  • Developing a plan tailored to fit your needs, and follow-up with phone and email support.

Stand-alone consultation  – $65, or ask about combining breastfeeding support with your birth or postpartum package.